“Lay where you’re laying…this sex is on fire.”

December 31, 2008

I am lying in bed slightly hungover reviewing my latest music downloads/addition to my collection. I am beginning to understand why I hadn’t previously downloaded the entire Les Miserables album. The latest and greatest from the Kings of Leon is definitely something that my Ipod has been missing though; it’s a whole new sound for them. I may keep “Sex on Fire” on repeat for the next series of days. They sound less hard and more indie, but it’s a good edge for them. It’s nice to have a solid album to listen to that I won’t be ridiculed for –> re: Coldplay, Viva la Vida or Death and All of His Friends. They are universally loved and thus “too mainstream” to be discussed around any of my hipster friends. But come on…how can you deny the appeal of “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love” or “Strawberry Swing?” They’re lyrically and melodically en point. Other noteworthy additions (singles): “If You Seek Amy” (Britney Spears), “Untouched” (The Veronicas), “No More” (Ruff Endz…throwback to the 90s, I know), and Anberlin’s “Never Take Friendship Personal” and “Blueprints for the Black Market” albums; I used to have them and have been missing their style of rock in my life. Check out “Paperthin Hymn,” “Amsterdamn” and “The Feel Good Drag” from the first and “Love Song” and “Naive Orleans” from the second.


“It’s just a show. It’s not the end of Western Civilization. It’s chewing gum.”

December 30, 2008

What was semi-believably in the early stages has turned into an epic three ring circus less coherent than Britney Spears' latest album (which is not an easy task)

What was semi-believably in the early stages has turned into an epic three ring circus less coherent than Britney Spears' latest album (which is not an easy task)

Winter break couch potato syndrome has set in and I fear for my life after realizing that a Jerry Springer/Maury Povich omnibus has been playing in the background for the past couple of hours without me noticing. Granted, I was on the phone discussing the “miss you” text from the England-ex, but I forgot the sheer depths of depravity that these shows sink to. Re: Glance up to be assaulted with the image of an anorexic looking balding man in a pink skirt and bra fighting with what I assume to be his (obese, extremely disgruntled, gaybashing) wife. Please tell me that this shit is staged, I cannot take anymore.

Debating dinner prospects. I need to see a few friends but they want to stay local (yawn). Laziness and the realization that the weather is actually sub-zero have temporarily got the best of me, but I’m sure that the lure of stimulating conversation will tempt me into an early/tame dinner rendezvous. Plus, if Jerry Springer is the best thing that’s on I better get out of the house FAST.

“A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad.”

December 30, 2008

If you are like me (and I am hoping that you are), you enjoy spending the holidays holed up at home in pjs. It is the eve of New Year’s Eve so enjoy the lack of pressure to wear uncomfortable heels/skintight dresses that you paid to much for by relaxing in front of the TV. Christmas has passed, but it is never too late for some Christmas movies (I will continue to say this through May and all of the summer months, after which it will once again be acceptable to admit to watching Christmas movies). This list sums up 15 of the best (and cheesiest), and even if you aren’t interested in holiday fare the site is full of guilty pleasure reading that will take you back to your college days and make you consider looking at Juicy Campus. I am enjoying watching lighthearted and happy holiday movies until I return to the states and my Netflix subscription resumes.

As for movies to look forward to in 2009: Bride Wars, Slumdog Millionaire, He’s Just Not that into You, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Fast & Furious (disclaimer: yes, I have horrible taste in action flicks but I am a sucker for Vin Deisel and the fourth installment in the series finally sees his return.) Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience? Pink Panther 2? Not so excited about. Would not want to see either in widescreen. Trailers after the jump.

–> Based on the book by the Sex and the City writers

“There’s two kinds of guys. The ones who hold your hand and the ones that f**k you.”

December 30, 2008

I had the horrible idea of starting a blog at around 5 a.m. this morning while watching Karate Kid III. I lie…I wasn’t actually watching KK3, it just happened to be on at the time. TV as background noise has been a requisite part of much of my alone time for as long as I can remember…but I digress. The idea came to me after clicking through a series of random links led me to “The Overserved Ivy Banker Chick” , New York Magazine’s chosen Sex Diary of the week. How I ended there after reading an “article” about hair dye on 43things.com, checking out Student Body Blog, reading several depressing articles on Whitney Port and subsequently stalking her/LC/Lo’s Myspace pages, and catching wind of the embarassment (lovable embarassment) that is Socialiterank.com is beyond me, but am I ever glad that I did. The entertaining story of “The Overserved Ivy Banker Chick” led me to countless musings about her love/lust-life and mine; her totals after a week of keeping score =

One act of intercourse with a Barclay’s trader; two vivid sex dreams; one failed booty call from giggling senator’s son; near-constant workplace fantasies about work crush; six fantasies about best guy friend.

Insatiable as always I looked for more content and the site delivers: Sex Diary entries from all assortments of New Yorkers. I don’t get off on the descriptions of sex, but I have a weird fascination with the inner workings of other believed-to-be-real people; after so much scripted “reality” TV a person has to question the legitimacy of these semi-explicit, too excited to be true week-long booty calls.

“Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing”

December 30, 2008

The Rundown (In 6th grade creeper AIM speak, A/S/L)
Somewhere outside of D.C.
+ Etc.
London based for the last ten years
In a serious(ly) uncommitted exclusive relationship (oxymoron is a way of life)
College junior on the brink of 21/Cabo spring break hell