“He was hit by a Dodge, which I found funny and ironic.”

Maybe it’s the Chardonnay, but I think that I spoke too soon in my last post; Horatio Caine is the man. If Jim Carrey is doing impersonations of him, he’s gotta be doing *something* right. I haven’t watched CSI: Miami in ages and although Horatio is as annoying as ever, I can’t help but revel in his deliberate cheesiness. Horatio’s character is self-reflective; he’s in on the joke. The bright, super sweet candy colors may be a bit jarring, but are so emblematic of the glitterati Miami/South Beach lifestyle that so many of us living in colder climates envy. Season 5 is doing some pretty exciting things by changing the conventional CSI template…the filming is – at least for mainstream primetime – cutting edge. It has evolved.

One thing that the Chardonnay can’t mask? The cast. Puh-lease. They are still my least favorite of the three. Sorry David Caruso.


2 Responses to “He was hit by a Dodge, which I found funny and ironic.”

  1. Otto Mann says:

    Have you ever seen The Soup On E!

    Look it up on YouTube, Joel McHale does an awesome impersonation of David Caruso.

  2. Vixen says:

    Caruso? Get that man OFF the TV-screen QUICK!

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