“The real secret of Magic lies in the performance.”

At some point in the last 14 months, I became a die hard sports phan. I blame my boyfriend; watching ESPN and sporting events non-stop when we first started hanging out drove me bonkers, but now I can’t get enough of it. At first I would watch anything and everything: baseball, hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer…but the holy trinity that is basketball got me hook line and sinker. I can’t say that I’m a dedicated audience member during the regular season – I’ll watch the games at the gym but am hardly hardcore about them – but Playoff season gets me all bothered and hot. Last year, I was gunning for the Celtics (born and bred a Bostonian), this year, I’ve been up in the air. Maybe being a chick watching the games I just get a little distracted by all of the men; Howard’s shoulders/smile, King James prowess on the court/general hilariousness, Artest’s height and obnoxiously manicured hair, Odom’s domination of the court and love for candy…well, you get the idea. I knew that without Garnett, the Celtics were up a creek for the post season, but I couldn’t settle on an alternative team. Enter again the chick-in-me, and I’ve sided with the underdog for each series. Celtics, Rockets, Cavaliers, Magic…I’ve just been waiting for the Cinderella story ending. Magic could be it. If they can rival their 75% shooting from the field in the last game, keep getting threes out of Turkoglu, Lewis & Pietrus, and throw in some crowd pleasing dunks from Howard, their chances at tying up the series are strong. They’ve come too far to let the clock strike midnight just yet. In Game 4 tonight, I really hope Howard and co. find their glass slippers. And for the record, I believe in Magic.


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