“Life is simple now. You just have to do what I say.”

The Taking of Pelham 123: Denzel and Travolta knocked it out of the park. I was apprehensive at first about this double team; it seemed to good to be true. Travolta’s acting chops have been questionable in some recent movies, but his character Ryder was reminiscent of his performance in “Swordfish;” smart, funny, cool and calculated. I have never heard someone say “motherfucker” so many times in a movie, but somehow it didn’t seem gratuitous. Denzel didn’t fall short either; he played a heartwrenchingly convincing troubled MTA employee. This movie is action packed, but offers more character development/close-ups of the two leads than you may expect. As a whole, it defied expectation in the best way possible. One of the best heist movies I’ve seen.


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