“America perceives NYC prep school kids as being very stuckup, very snobbish, and very sort of bitchy and wealthy.”

NYC Prep > Gossip Girl?

NYC Prep > Gossip Girl?

I made the mistake of tuning in to NYC Prep on Bravo on Tuesday night. I felt mildy creepy and deserving of the label of cradle robber stalker watching a bunch of rich 16/17 year old rich kids discuss their sexual exploits, spending money, and various misadventures had in the big city and/or the Hamptons. Bravo has cornered the market on cable reality TV, and has churned out some serious crowd pleasers. Last week’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” finale hit the drama-ball out of the park. NYC Prep combines reality TV with the Gossip Girl fad, and promises to be a hit for the network. Bravo is pulling in a younger demographic without fully alienating their established viewership (people enjoy being privy to the world of the rich and powerful). Tune in Tuesdays @ 9 PM, and be on the lookout for a sneak peak of Bravo’s new series “Miami Social,” premiering July 14th @ 10 PM.


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