“Fluent in Finnish?” “Everyone has fudged their resume a little!”

You speak Prada?!

You speak Prada?!

Ever since reading Confessions of a Shopaholic on an Amtrak trip to New York earlier in the month, I’ve been excitedly anticipating the movie’s June 23rd release on DVD to see how it compares. The book was decent; a fun, quick, mildly ridiculous girly read set in London. On Sunday night after the USA’s loss to Brazil in the FIFA Confederation Cup, I was more than happy to escape boy world, snuggle up in my covers, and pop this into my DVD player. The movie adapted the setting to New York, and cast the adorable Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood, which was a definite WIN. It was hard to watch (re: cringeworthy) in parts, but the screenplay was a good adaptation of the book that squeezed in all the good bits and added new twists and vignettes that were more screen worthy. It was a fun lesson on fiscal responsibility in the current economy, and minus the dancing mannequins, seemed largely plausible. Fisher as Rebecca is naive, sweet, happy-go-lucky…and incredibly wise (I’m serious). Rent it for movie night with your girlfriends, or enjoy after watching any major sporting event.


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