“Sheep or Goat, Which Would Be a Better Lawnmower?”

Last night I was informed that goats can climb trees. I found this utterly hilarious. I was subsequently told that sheep probably can too, as goats and sheep are “essentially the same.” This I wasn’t buying, so I google searched “sheep vs goat,” and happened upon a website that wholly trumped the original hilarity of goats in trees. The third search result came up as: “Sheep or Goat, Which Would Be a Better Lawnmower?

I wanted to start a discussion on the topic because I am considering getting a sheep or goat for use as a lawnmower and while being familiar some with the local goat market here, I don’t know that much about pricing on sheep. I know I can purchase a goat for $35 and if the grass gets to poor to feed it, I can always slaughter it and purchase another later when the grass is thick again. By putting it in the freezer, I will be able to apply the overhead costs to both, my property maintenance and food budgets for cost effectivity. How much do sheep sell for now? How different do they clip the turf?

Amazingly, this post garnered 14 responses. 14!! Ya…wow. I don’t have a joke for this yet, but I find it hilarious.


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