“Really my only job is to look attractive.”

“…And commence tent-pitching in 3…2…1…” was the text sent to me from MJ sitting four seats down from me the moment Megan Fox came on screen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I understand why; she is unbelievably hot and very possibly the reason that Lonely Island wrote the fabled classic “Jizz in My Pants.”

Today, August 4th, marks Megan Fox Awareness Day. Several men’s sites including AskMen.com have christened a Megan Fox blackout in which no pictures will be shown and no articles written about the exotic beauty. It’s more hilarious than anything else; only a few sites have agreed to this blackout, and in talking about it so much, they have only brought more exposure to the allegedly overexposed Ms. Fox. I have a feeling this blackout would have been a little more useful post-release of Jennifer’s Body on September 18th, which is likely to bring the Megan obsession to pandemic levels.


One Response to “Really my only job is to look attractive.”

  1. […] Is it so wrong of me to get a small sense of satisfaction from the knowledge that Jennifer’s Body bombed? It’s weekend 5th place box office gross was a measly $6.8 million, putting it a […]

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