“Hide & Seek”

In the beginning, Imogen Heap created “Hide & Seek.” She was not very well known at the time. And Josh Schwartz, creator of The OC said, “Let there be Hide & Seek in our season 2 finale,” and there was Hide & Seek in the season 2 finale. SNL saw that the season 2 finale was good, and they spoofed it. They called the spoof “hilarious”, and they called the original “shit.” And there was hilarious, and there was shit-the first year.

Since Imogen Heap released Hide & Seek, there have been several iterations of it. From its popularization by The OC, YouTube is besieged with SNL Dear Sister spoofs. Earlier this year, Love is a Story released an acoustic cover of Hide & Seek that was popular for awhile on electronic charts. Most recently, Jason DeRulo has sampled it for his track “Whatcha Say.” It’s got a distinct R n B flavor, and thanks to Imogen Heap, it’s extremely catchy. Check it out a clip of it after the jump.


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