“Civilization is an illusion, a game of pretend.” – The Invasion

Aside from “The Others” and “Moulin Rouge,” I’m not a big Nicole Kidman fan, but I actually enjoyed “The Invasion.” As of late, I have found Sci-Fi thrillers to creep me out infinitely more than the horror genre (eg. The strange but engaging Nicolas Cage film “Knowing” vs. the utter fail that was “Friday the 13th”). In “The Invasion,” Nicole Kidman plays a psychiatrist who begins to notice strange things everywhere. A client comes in and tells her, “My husband is not my husband,” and Kidman’s character, though first prescribing her anti-psychotics, realizes that people all around her are becoming something…else. The human race is being overtaken by a highly contagious alien virus that restructures DNA during REM sleep. Her best friends, her clients, and her ex husband have all been assimilated, and her son is nowhere to be found. With the help of Daniel Craig, Kidman must race against time to find her son and a safe haven; but she mustn’t fall asleep.


Many critics have bashed this remake of the 1958 original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, but I found it entertaining. Kidman is in her element as a frantic mother, and I’ve come to enjoy Daniel Craig’s acting. It’s mediocre sci-fi, but I found it eerie and engaging.


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