“Microsoft products are generally bug free.” – Bill Gates


Microsoft’s release of Windows 7 is supposed to hit stores October 22nd. It will hopefully be a favorable alternate option to Windows Vista, which many businesses hesitated to upgrade to due to its many bugs and bothersome problems. With Vista being only 3 years old, Microsoft is obviously desperate to refocus their product and deliver something flawless. With the release of Windows 7 we will likely see how well Microsoft’s long awaited counterattack to Mac vs. PC “I’m a PC,” bolstered public opinion of the operating system and if people are ready once again to trust in the company. In a separate vein, the company’s “Bing” decision-maker-non-search-engine-search-engine, although extremely popular for the first week after it’s launch date, has not faired particularly well against Yahoo or the mammoth Google monolith. This proves disappointing for the company that injected billions into the project, plus upwards of $80 million in marketing (after the jump, my favorite Bing commercial). The New York Times reports that even though it might not be getting the desired traffic just yet, it is an extremely satisfying search engine for people that spend enough time on it. It has also merited Microsoft something that it has been in desperate need of recently; respect. They have turned out a quality project with Bing. Let’s hope that the same will be said of the Windows 7 operating system.


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