“Once you go Mac, you never go back.”

After 3 long years with my Sony Vaio, I’m finally ready to eat the forbidden fruit (sorry John Hodgman). With Steve Jobs back at the helm and a hugely successful event last week, Apple has completely captivated my attention in the search for a new laptop. People gripe that Macs are all about aesthetics; it’s hard not too considering how beautiful they are in comparison to your average laptop. The exterior and desktop layout make Macs magnetic, but their easy to use and intuitive software is what keeps people coming back. Another widely discussed downside: Macs simply aren’t the most gamer friendly computer on the market. I would like to think that I have a little gamer inside of me, but who am I kidding; I play Tetris Lite and Su Doku a few times a month, I’m not exactly a professional practitioner of World of Warcraft. The Mac to me is an investment piece, like a refrigerator or a car (I’m in college, the scale I think on is a little different). At this point, just about anything would be an upgrade from my dismal Sony Vaio (thanks for nothing extended warranty), but I might as well get something that I’ll love and that will last. Plus, the endless appeal of matching electronics (iPhone, iPod, i…want a Mac) is an integral perk.



3 Responses to “Once you go Mac, you never go back.”

  1. […] to enlist the services of a trusted friend or often an older teenager to watch over their kids. “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” – blackoutisthenewpink.wordpress.com 09/16/2009 After 3 long years with my Sony Vaio, I’m […]

  2. conscence says:

    I hear you. My Dell Inspiron screen is on it’s way out. I only have use of lik 2/5 of the screen! My next comp will def be an Apple.

    Good luck getting yours.

    BTW, I love the pic 😉

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