As a 21 year-old college student, I have mastered the art of bitching, bullshitting, and blacking out. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned things deserve medals. I am spending the “best years of my life” with a self-proclaimed penchant for bad television, boys, food-that-goes-straight-to-my-ass and an obsession with movies and the convoluted mass media. I have passed through adolescence and survived “My So Called Life”-esque teen angst only to find myself in the midst of twenties-angst: sorostitutes, cheap wine (Franzia), bad decisions, & college. The wanna-be standup comedian in me wants to make a joke, but the cynical bitch counterpart already knows that it won’t be funny. I write about what interests me at any given moment; I refuse to pigeon hole myself for the purpose of a good soundbite. When I was younger, I suffered from the self proclaimed obsession of collecting quotes. I used them in my scrapbooks, AIM away messages, and signing yearbooks every year; now, I use quotesto title my blog entries. On the verge of graduation, it’s time to get serious…but first, blackout.

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