“The screen asked for a creative name, and in a panic I just mashed the keyboard with my palms.”

July 30, 2009


“I hear the nothing fight. I start getting so excited. “

January 8, 2009

There is a game that we play with each other. I jokingly call it The Cold War, but it is really just an unfunny way of describing our extreme passive aggressiveness. We have yet to master the art of communication and the Atlantic Ocean that is currently dividing us does not help. Our exchanges are in the form of stilted phone conversations, facebook messages, texts, and late night frantic and hazy AIM chat sessions.

Last night, we spent 2 hours going back and forth on gchat with him telling me that he is in charge of our relationship and me retorting that he is utterly clueless and that I am in fact the boss:

4:12 AM
[man friend]: haha
where is the fantasy place??
[man friend]: i mean if i ever wanted to c u i would be like, listen, your coming over tomorrow’
[me]: hello offensive, meet my foot in your ass
[me]:the reality of the situation…is that i am the boss
[man friend]: please. some of the most respected leaders in history understand non verbal control. they know they are in charge, and they dont feel the need to prove it
[me]:you are kind of funny
i do miss you
even though you are clearly not the boss
[manfriend]: :-), thanks. i miss u too

You get the gist. Sometimes it is so much easier to be mean/have the fake argument than just…be nice. Ok, so definitely not a ground-breaking revelation; the Nothing Fight is a way of life. Cut to the makeup sex.

Ok so…at least we aren’t like that.