“Puck you, Miss.”

July 16, 2009

In serious need of good television during the summertime season drought? Rent HBO’s “Summer Heights High: Season 1” on DVD. It follows various groups of people in an Australian school, specifically the antics of Ja’mie, Jonah, & Mr. G, all created and performed by the shows writer/producer Chris Lilley.

Think Little Britain + Borat + off the cuff hilariousness. Easily the best thing out of Down Under since Hugh Jackman.


“You know what the problem with Hollywood is? They make sh*t.”

June 18, 2009

I can’t say I want to seeanother Mission: Impossible sequel, but after seeing The Taking of Pelham 123 last week, I am determined to get John Travolta to head up a sequel to Swordfish. In the 8 years since its 2001 release, Hugh Jackman has blown up and Travolta has been waiting for another solid crowd pleaser (sorry, Be Cool fell short). They left the movie open-ended enough for a follow-up, and although Swordfish’s box office wasn’t that impressive, the technological time is right for take two.