“I see you’ve been eating noodles.” – Definitely, Maybe

July 29, 2009

Watching 2 Guys, a Girl,and a Pizza Parlor as a child, I never caught on to the fact that Ryan Reynolds is actually a good actor. Sure, he’s handsome, and he always delivered the witty lines of his character well, but he seemed like any other made for syndicated TV disposable Ken doll. I rooted for him in Van Wilder: Party Liason, but still wasn’t sold on his credibility. Cut to The Proposal, a surprisingly enjoyable romcom that felt refreshingly genuine and suggested that there might be more to Reynolds than his 18 pack abs and sense of humor.

Last Friday after work, I watch Definitely, Maybe. In the movie, Reynolds tells the complicated history of girlfriends past to his 11 year old daughter played by Abigail Breslin. Three women – Elizabth Banks, Isla Fisher, and Rachel Weisz – make up the bulk of the story, and Breslin’s character has to figure out which one is her mother. It was hard to watch in parts; Reynolds left Banks, his college girlfriend, to go pursue a career in political consulting. Seeing a movie that reminds you of the precarious-ness of college relationships while entering your 4th and last year of college (con boyfriend) is never easy. Surprisingly, I wasn’t rooting for Banks’s character in the end. The dynamic created in the movie between Fisher and Reynolds was so perfect it must have been born of a focus group. Each relationship was different and interesting, and Reynolds brought a needed realness to the story. Let me be clear; this movie is a romcom, not a drama, but it was so well acted I feel almost guilty lumping it in the same group as the Matthew McConaughey disaster “Fool’s Gold.”

Perhaps I’m not being objective enough in my review of this movie; a couple of glasses of White Zinfandel down, the rose colored glasses tend to come on. That said, I unapologetically give this movie an A-; it was a pleasant surprise, refreshingly honest, and made for my 20 something demographic. I would expect no less from the makers of Love Actually and Notting Hill.


“What am I allergic to?” “Pine nuts, and the full spectrum of human emotion.”

July 7, 2009

Andrew Paxton: Margaret, will you marry me? Because I’d like to date you.

On Sunday afternoon, I finally went to see “The Proposal” with my mom. I had to see what all the fuss was about! Granted, Ryan Reynolds Herculean abs and Sandra Bullock is incredibly endearing, but I didn’t have the highest of expectations for what at face value seemed to be a run of the mill romcom with a predictable ending. The theater was surprisingly crowded for a Sunday afternoon showing of a 3 week old movie, which initially led me to believe that we had somehow ended up in the wrong screen, but my disbelief was silenced as the film opened on a shot of Ryan Reynolds in Starbucks. I was amazed at how well Reynolds and Bullock worked together; their innate quirkiness and fluid comedy was fun to watch, and felt incredibly natural. People say that Bullock doesn’t act, she always plays herself, and that really came through in this movie. Too often, romantic comedies are trite and almost embarassing to watch; badly acted, unwieldingly cheesy, annoying…but “The Proposal” hit the mark. The chemistry was comparable to though different from Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey ‘s in”How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” guarenteeing a solid DVD release. It was a decent weekend for the movie; it took an additional $12.8 million in box office taking its overall gross to $94 million. Definitely one that I will enjoy watching again.