“One day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle.”

September 19, 2009

story 2

story 3

…life is really like this
story 4

Our lives drifts along with normal things happening. Some ups, some downs, but nothing to go down in history about. Nothing so fantastic or terrible that it’ll be told for a thousand years. That’s why people invent fights. That’s why we’re drawn to sports. That’s why we act like everything that happens to us is such a big deal.
We’re trying to make our life into the fairy tale. – Kurt Vonnegut


“I’m finally starting to understand these soap operas. They’re pretty good.”

August 26, 2009

Let me preface this with something: I am not a very emotional person. I’m not one of those girls that needs to “just have a good cry” on a weekly or even monthly basis because of my fragility or trying life. I am occassionally (re: maybe biannually) plagued with beer tears, and of course could be on a varisty, no, professional sobbing team immediately post breakup, but my wounds tend to heal pretty fast, and most things don’t phase me.

That said, I am a sucker for sappy season finales, short stories, and the occassional romcom/family drama. A “List of Things That Make Me Cry” sounds pathetic/ridiculous/melodramatic so…I won’t title this. Don’t worry, Titanic isn’t on the list. But it is implied.

Ziv Navoth’s Nanotales (in the video above)
-“Closer” – Joshua Radin
-1.3 Brothers and Sisters when Tommy convinces Paige to jump in the pool (song in clip: “Ice Age” – Pete Yorn)
-4.14 Sex and the City when Trey and Charlotte break up for good but he still takes the picture for Home and Garden. All that glitters…
-Dawson’s Creek series finale (sorry, I truly am a girl of the 90s!)
2.27 Grey’s Anatomy…it all went downhill after this. The episode brought “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol to uber fame.
A Lot Like Love…in its entirity
Prime…a totally underrated romcom. The tears are in the ending, so if you’re short for time…fast forward.
Cute boys that sing sweet songs a capella…check out The Academical Village People
6.03 One Tree Hill…Quentin’s funeral. Who thought that a sideline character would be so important?
-The Notebook…nuff said.
-All of those in between moments of will they/won’t they in Miss Match
Remember the Titans…inspirational moments can be tear worthy too!
-The Chuck/Blair dynamic on Gossip Girl. Oh, young love. SO much better than the sad and pouty Dan/Serena thing (that scene in the elevator in episode 2.3 is an exception) Honestly, the fact that I tear up over any of the aforementioned things on GG is pathetic, especially because most of it is overshadowed by the constant presence of a narrator (thankyou, Kristen Bell)
The Breakup. OK, so many people hated it, but it isn’t it comforting to know that there is the possibility of the fire being rekindled? Did I really just say that? It is simultaneously awesomely funny and awesomely sad.
-4.15 Sex and the City when Aidan and Carrie breakup…and 4.18 when Carrie sees Big before he leaves for Napa. The end is the sweetest. (While Moon River plays in the background…):

“Maybe, our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn’t fall in love or have babies or be who we are. After all, seasons change, so do cities. People come into your life, and people go. But it’s comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.”

“Which one are you Donnie?” “I ain’t any one of them.” “That is such a Samantha thing to say.”

June 16, 2009

Bruno debuts July 10th, and it promises to be a solid follow up to Borat: vulgar, shocking, and f*cking hilarious. Sacha Baron Cohen has begun to make his nontraditional media rounds, and I see it paying off. Between his MTV Movie Awards appearance and his GQ cover, I’d say he has a (naked) leg up on the competition. Aniston, eat your heart out.

“Ever, Ever After”

January 4, 2009

New Years Eve Fireworks in London3 days post fireworks, drunken mass text messages, and 36-hour hangover, I am still struggling with the fact that it is 2009. So many awesome things happened in 2008:
Britney Spears’ come back
-That McNuggets commercial…enough said
-Robert Downey proving (through multiple performances), that he is so much more that a druggie
-I sent my boyfriend of the time Sprinkles cupcakes on Valentine’s Day…and we broke up a week later. I’m not bitter, just really annoyed that I never got one of those cupcakes.
LC and Justin Bobby hooked up…(I wish…), Adrina subsequently takes her rage out by filming what will hopefully be a straight to DVD sequel to Into the Blue
-The world (i.e. ME) falls in love with Wall-E and recontemplates Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth…briefly
-A friend of mine introduces me to Smittens and all of a sudden, the world makes sense again
-Teen girls around the world rejoice as Gossip Girl returns for another angsty, overly sexual season. YES!
-I fell in love with acapella music (all over again) after hearing Exit 245 from JMU sing Coldplay’s “Fix You”
-Drinking Red Bull, Rockstar, or Cocaine before workouts
-I discovered Best of Youtube AND Failblog…in the same year
-Obama becomes president and college campuses around the nation rejoice
Sex and the City finally steams up the big screen (kudos to Fergie for the disgustingly addictive theme song). Hopefully, Friends will be the next TV show to follow suit.
-Itunes introduces Genius, so that I have another reason to waste valuable time illegally downloading music.
-I realize how awesome random sports trivia is for picking up guys. Maybe in 2009 I’ll be bold and create my own fantasy football team.
-Oprah goes on Super Cleanse and feels refreshed!
-Oprah is fat. Again.
-I write a paper on Girl Talk and Illegal Art…cut to me feeling badass. I subsequently discover that another person in my class is also writing about Girl Talk. Feel mildly less badass.
Jizz in My Pants

All in all a good year. Too bad it’s over. I need a drink.

“There’s two kinds of guys. The ones who hold your hand and the ones that f**k you.”

December 30, 2008

I had the horrible idea of starting a blog at around 5 a.m. this morning while watching Karate Kid III. I lie…I wasn’t actually watching KK3, it just happened to be on at the time. TV as background noise has been a requisite part of much of my alone time for as long as I can remember…but I digress. The idea came to me after clicking through a series of random links led me to “The Overserved Ivy Banker Chick” , New York Magazine’s chosen Sex Diary of the week. How I ended there after reading an “article” about hair dye on 43things.com, checking out Student Body Blog, reading several depressing articles on Whitney Port and subsequently stalking her/LC/Lo’s Myspace pages, and catching wind of the embarassment (lovable embarassment) that is Socialiterank.com is beyond me, but am I ever glad that I did. The entertaining story of “The Overserved Ivy Banker Chick” led me to countless musings about her love/lust-life and mine; her totals after a week of keeping score =

One act of intercourse with a Barclay’s trader; two vivid sex dreams; one failed booty call from giggling senator’s son; near-constant workplace fantasies about work crush; six fantasies about best guy friend.

Insatiable as always I looked for more content and the site delivers: Sex Diary entries from all assortments of New Yorkers. I don’t get off on the descriptions of sex, but I have a weird fascination with the inner workings of other believed-to-be-real people; after so much scripted “reality” TV a person has to question the legitimacy of these semi-explicit, too excited to be true week-long booty calls.