“Who am I going to tell my stories to?”

June 23, 2009

After working all day yesterday, 2 am rolled around and I still couldn’t seem to fall asleep. The Uninvited was lying on my bedroom floor, as it has been for the past few nights, and it beckoned. Late night horror movies when you’re alone in your apartment are never a good idea (re: The Ring, Gothika), but I nonetheless popped it in my DVD player. I haven’t seen a genuinely scary thriller in awhile (The Haunting of Molly Hartley was a miserable failure), and my hopes weren’t too high for The Uninvited, but I was pleasantly surprised by decent acting, a solid plot, and a twist faintly reminiscent of 2005’s De Niro psychological thriller Hide and Seek. I have a lame tendency to watch horror movies with one eye open and thus not really commit/allow myself to get scared, but I became pretty fully immersed in The Uninvited. The horror/thriller hybrid pulled me in. Elizabeth Banks is convincingly creepy, and Emily Browning plays Anna well. Definitely not a movie to write home about, but with so many young adult horror movies bombing, this was a pleasant surprise. I give it a B-.